W10's PACS service offers video capture from numerous systems

UK’s first mobile game capture tech available

London-based W10 has launched its Portable Asset Capturing Service, which offers developers and publishers an opportunity to secure in-game footage from a range of formats.

The PACS technology, which covers all the major consoles, handhelds, home computers and Apple devices, allows users to capture video on-site, negating the need to rely on assets provided by overseas headquarters.

Both standard definition and HD assets can be recorded, and W10 reports that its service is the first of its kind in the UK.

“Games publishers have been almost 100 per cent reliant on handed-down HD footage, usually from the US,” said Romesh Aluwihare, Managing Director of W10 Post. “This isn’t always suitable for European markets, and few industry professionals can spare a day in a post production studio capturing fit-for-purpose or localised video. W10’s new Capture Service goes direct to the client, captures amazing quality footage, and can even edit on site.”

“We’re seeing a dramatic increase in demand for HD and handheld video content from clients and the media,” said James Beaven of London-based PR agency, Indigo Pearl. “We were lucky enough to be involved in early client trials of this service and we’re extremely pleased with the results.”

For more information visit the W10 website.

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