CEO Helgason says the tech proves â??we can move faster than the restâ??

Unity 3 goes live

Unity has today launched the newest product in its masterplan to tie all game platforms to a single engine.

The long-awaited, and fairly delayed, Unity 3 is released today, packaged with numerous new features and tweaks.

Unity CEO David Helgason said the product “demonstrates we can move faster than any other middleware company, that we’re serious about the long term and that high technology made simple is a transformational force.”

Unity 3 comes with a unified editor that deploys a single project, in a single editor, out to a multitude of supported devices. The tech is compatible with iPhone, PS3, Mac, Android, PC, Wii, Xbox 360, web browsers and iPad.

The tech adds in what is hailed by Unity as “the industry’s strongest lightmapper”, as well as “AAA class rendering” tools.

Occlusion culling, a source-level debugger, various audio filters and lens effects are also added in.

The tech remains free at entry-level, while Unity 3 Pro comes at an unchanged price $1500 per developer. Existing Pro users are offered a 50 per cent discount to upgrade.

“This audacious dream of building a truly unified platform for game development is coming to fruition,” Helgason added.

“With tens of thousands of teams of every shape and size using Unity, across every genre and all major platforms, across all parts of the game industry as well as most other industries, economies of collaboration and sharing and scale of stunning dimensions are being realised.”

Unity is said to have over 200,000 registered users. The firm says its tech is “the number one game development platform on the market and in education, by far the leading game technology on the iPhone and iPad and the fastest growing game development platform in terms of developer mindshare."

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