Motion vector rendering now supported in-engine, draw calls reduced with GPU Instancing

Unity 5.4 enhances graphics, rendering and arts tools

Unity Technologies has released the latest version of its popular engine, introducing several new features and improvements to its graphics and art tools.

Available to download now, Unity 5.4 promises enhanced multithreaded rendering and low-level graphics features such as texture arrays and compute shaders, all of which should help improve framerate. Motion vector rendering is now supported in-engine.

The team has also introduced support for GPU instancing. By sharing the same materials across multiple identical geometries, the engine reduces the number of draw calls. This is available for devs working on Windows, OSX and Linux and can be used for PS4 and Xbox One titles.

There have been a number of updates to the editor, with Performance Reporting now fully integrated, support for Mac Retina displays added, can Cloud Build set-up now available within the editor itself.

You can check out the full list of improvements and additions in the release notes at Unity’s blog.

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