Numerous new features with Google Daydream functionality to come soon

Unity 5.6 beta releases

Unity 5.5’s stable release was only a couple of weeks ago, but Unity are already looking to the future, with the company releasing a 5.6 beta today, with a stable release planned in the Spring.

Unity claim that 5.6 will mark the end of the Unity 5 development cycle when it launches in March, with a final version packing in several new features including a progressive lightmapper, a Mac Editor on Metal and a renewed focus on usability and workflow for 2D game development. You’ll also see native support for Google Daydream, Cardboard and Facebook Gameroom later in the beta, in addition to Vulkan and Metal Compute support, promised before the full release.

Unity 5.6 seems like a big step forward for the ever-changing platform, and you can see the patch notes for it here.

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