Engine firm creates educational program to help with STEM curriculum

Unity 5 goes free for teachers

Unity has launched a new initiative to get its widely-used engine into secondary schools to help students learn the basics of games programming.

Under the new program, secondary schools will be able to apply for a free Unity 5 licence, according to Gamasutra.

Schools will also be able to access educational resources such as a 40-page Professional Skill Standard, written to fall in line with STEM subjects, and a 200+ page Curricular Framework that serves as an introduction to the entire games development pipeline, from initial design to the title’s release.

Unity’s educational efforts are running alongside a US initiative in which the White House has promised to invest $240m in STEM education resources from private-sector companies. 

The program follows the long-awaited launch of Unity 5 earlier this month. The engine is available in two forms: the Professional edition for larger studios, and a free Personal edition for indies and hobbyists.

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