Developers offered the chance to have their games ported, for free, across other devices and platforms

Unity announces new business model; Union

Popular game engine vendor Unity is offering a new business opportunity to its thousands of developers.

The scheme is called Union, and is built around the much-lauded portability of the game platform.

By opting in to the Union scheme, Unity developers will have their game evaluated by the engine vendor to see if the project can be ported to a range of other platforms. Unity will build a profile of the developer/studio, and with their industry links will pitch the projects to a number of publishers and digital portal owners.

If the game is ported, Unity takes a 20 per cent cut of the revenues and hands the rest back to the developer.

By making it free for developers to opt-in, Unity hopes its users will open up access to a greater number of revenue streams.

The new division will be headed up by Brett Seyler, and was announced at the opening keynote at today’s Unite conference in San Francisco.

“We have encountered a huge thirst for great games from a huge range of platforms, and a broad range of these opportunities are currently only being captured by large game publishers. With Union, we help smaller developers band together to approach these opportunities as one,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies.

“We see Union as a further step on the road to the democratization of game development – a road that started with technology but can go much further.”

Seyler, the general manager of Union, said the new scheme “offers developers a one-stop route to a wide range of revenue streams, allowing them to focus more energy on making great games instead of worrying about how to make money.”

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