David Helgason tells us what's new with Unity 3D, and what's planned for the future

Unity CEO: Windows editor support will “at least triple sales”

Unity Technologies’ eponymous Unity 3D game engine has certainly gained traction as of late – expanding support for games to not only browsers and standalone PCs but the Wii and iPhone too. And yet, there’s always been a significant restriction to the engine: its editors only work on Macs.

A Windows version has been on the cards for some time – much to the chagrin of a vocal group of fans on its message board – but it’s only when we speak to Unity CEO Dave Helgason that we realise quite how important this step is to the company, and to the future of its impressive engine.

“It’s a very, very high priority,” Helgason told us. “There’s a lot of work in there, and it’s happening alongside all the other development work. Being a Mac-only tool is limiting. Our most pessimistic view is that we’ll triple sales on the day we release the Windows version of Unity.”

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