Nicholas Francis and Charles Hinshaw start new studio in Copenhagen

Unity co-founder forms Framebunker

Unity co-founder Nicholas Francis co-founded and former creative director Charles Hinshaw have formed a new studio in Denmark called Framebunker.

The Copenhagen-based indie studio has unveiled its first game, Static Sky, a real-time tactical combat game, designed exclusively for tablet devices.

“Tablets have become the platform of choice for many gamers, but the vast majority of tablet games are still utterly forgettable. They may be fun, but they aren’t the kind of games that will be worth re-playing in 20 years”, said Francis.

“At Framebunker, our mission is to deliver the kind of unforgettable experiences that tablet gamers deserve.”

Set in a futuristic cyberpunk universe that pays homage to the high-tech and low-life narratives of cyberpunk fiction, Static Sky aims to mix the gameplay mechanics of XCom and Diablo, with the beautifully rendered rain swept cityscapes of Bladerunner and neo-noir fiction.

“The decision to set Static Sky in a cyberpunk world has allowed us to explore some interesting design ideas that really move the game beyond simple ‘tap to kill’ mechanics,” added Hinshaw.

“The player can, for example, hack to manipulate the underlying logic of the game, effectively rewiring the world, which is something gamers have not experience before in a tactical shooter.”

The game, the player takes on the role of a remote operator of a squad of agents, employed by The Corporation. As missions commence, the player is forced to go rogue and rebuild a squad of highly-trained executioners. A combination of tactical planning and coordinated real time action will be needed in order to reach redemption or retribution.

Static Sky will be published on tablets in early 2014. For more information about Framebunker and Static Sky, visit the official site.

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