UNET project to be introduced in Unity 5

Unity developing new suite of multiplayer tools

Unity is developing an array of new multiplayer tools and services for developers using its game engine.

The first phase of the new UNET project will include features such as a high performance transport layer based on UDP to support all game types, a matchmaker service and a relay server to help solve connectivity problems.

The new multiplayer tools will be introduced when Unity 5 is released later this year.

You can find more details on UNET here.

Unity’s announcement comes as indie developers have aired mixed opinions on whether multiplayer games are viable for small teams.

Size Five Games’ Dan Marhsall recently wrote that indies "probably shouldn’t" make them, citing his experience with Gun Monkeys, and wrote an opinion piece on the matter which you can read here.

In a recent interview with Develop however, Freejam revealed their multiplayer-focused game Robocraft had garnered 300,000 players, and discussed ways indies can make multiplayer titles a success.

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