Unity Pro and Enterprise plans are getting more expensive

Unity has announced in a blog post that Pro, Enterprise and Unity Industrial Collection prices will be going up this October. It is the first price increase for the software in almost three years, and no changes are being made to Unity Personal or Unity Plus prices.

Under the new prices per-seat, Unity Pro’s annual pricing will be $2,040 a year, while to get it monthly will cost $185 a month. Unity Enterprise will be $3,000 a year, and the Unity Industrial Collection will cost $2,950 a year.

Coming with these pricing increases are other changes, largely the addition of extra benefits to the different plans. Unity Pro users will now also include access to Havok Physics for developers as part of their recurring licence costs, while Unity Enterprise users will be eligible for three years of Long Term Support from the game engine makers.

These new price plans and their associated changes will come into effect from October 13, 2022.

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