Unity subscription prices to rise for 2020

Yesterday Unity announced that it would be increasing the monthly price of its Unity Pro and Unity Plus seat subscriptions from the 1st of January 2020. 

Unity Plus will rise from $35 to $40 and Unity Pro from $125 to $150. However the price changes will only affect those taking on new or additional seats to their current subscription or those renewing custom deals. Ongoing subscriptions and deals will be unaffected by the change. 

The price rises are the first in three years and Unity stated that it needs to make them in order to “continue investing in new technology, features and services that will benefit all Unity creators.” 

Unity moved to a subscription model, having previously charged users for each major release of the software, in June 2016. Unlike Unreal, it has a set monthly fee, with no royalty-based system. 

Unity was clear that price rises will not affect those with on-running deals. Many of these deals are significantly cheaper than the list price, with some stating that the new prices are double the cost of the subscriptions they are currently paying – it’s obviously worth trying to get on such a deal. Unity will be respecting such ongoing deals, though inevitably they will expire as arranged.

It was less clear when the new price rises might impact the bulk of users paying the current standard prices. With Unity stating: “Current seat subscriptions are not impacted at this time. While there are currently no plans to increase prices beyond this announcement, we periodically review pricing and consider making adjustments. We will communicate any future changes in advance and in a clear and transparent manner to help customers plan ahead.”

If you’re looking to buy new seats then you can get in now and secure them at current prices before the rise. This is true whether you buy directly from the Unity site or through an account manager. 

Unity Personal will remain free to those who qualify. 

More details can be found on Unity’s website.


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