London firm looking for the next 'Unity3D superstar'

Unity to power next Mind Candy project

The Unity 3D games engine has been chosen as the central technology for Mind Candy’s next project, a new job vacancy shows.

The London based Moshi Monsters studio is embarking on a new hiring spree, having already signalled its intent to double headcount to 200 within 12 months.

One of the various vacancies, found on Develop’s Jobs pages, is for a technical lead to spearhead an unannounced 3D Unity project.

“Knowledge of Unity3D development tools and process or a willingness to become a Unity3D superstar is essential” for the role, Mind Candy said.

Though building a project in Unity3D opens up the possibility to build across a range of consoles and platforms, Mind Candy could be primarily drawn to the new 3D Flash capabilities Unity is optimising for.

As shown in a recent demonstration, Unity’s Flash Player 11 export tools allow for rich 3D games to be played within browsers.

Mind Candy has not disclosed its next project. The company has become a leading light in the UK development scene with its breakthrough hit, Moshi Monsters.

The browser game has more than 50 million subscribers around the world, Mind Candy recently claimed.

The revelation comes after another leading European indie, the Limbo creator Playdead, recently announced it too was using Unity for its next project.

Unity already has been installed by more than 750,000 developers, but one key criticism of the vendor is that its tech has yet to power a best-seller. Doing so is often considered a milestone in proving the viability of game-related technologies and services.

With the gravitas of Playdead and Mind Candy, and the craftsmanship displayed with Limbo and Moshi Monsters, Unity may have found one of its first digital blockbusters.

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