But web standard currently 'falls short' for high-performance games

Unity: We’ll support HTML5

One of the most popular game engines in the industry today will eventually support HTML5 applications, according to Unity CEO David Helgason.

The Unity engine currently builds content to a wide range of game platforms, including Android, PlayStation, iOS, WiiWare and XBLA.

But the tech’s eponymous vendor is waiting on HTLM5 to prove its worth before the web standard is supported.

“For video and rich internet applications, I think HTML5 is awesome already,” Helgason told Develop in an exclusive interview.

“Where it really falls short is in gaming: there are some cool demos, but actually building a generic framework for high-performance WebGL games is being held back by JavaScript, which isn’t where it should be in terms of performance.

“That will probably change over time, and we’re working to ensure it’s game-engine ready. It will be eventually, but not just yet.”

Helgason said he wants Unity to be ready for “the moment HTML5 is right for games”.

Yesterday the firm announced that the Unity engine has been installed to more than 750,000 games developers; a three-fold increase in about a year.

But another upsurge could be around the corner, with Unity braced to support hardware-accelerated Flash Player applications.

The San Francisco company recently released a striking demonstration of the high-end 3D games that will soon be capable on Flash in web browsers.

Elsewhere in his interview with Develop, Helgason discusses when mobile capabilities could match home consoles, as well as flatly reject any idea that the firm would be willing to be acquired.

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