Unity’s Machine Leaning turn its engine into an AI toolkit

Deep leaning and machine learning are certainly buzzwords this year in video gaming. Publishers and developers are expanding their own research into the area of Artifical Intelligence and Unity is the latest to do so.

The Unity engine has now been updated with a beta version of an AI toolkit. This Toolkit beta, available later this year, is for Unity Machine Learning Agents or ML-Agents. It is hoped that AI agents will be able to be trained in complex scenarios and utilise machine learning within the Unity engine itself.

This is the first time that Unity has made such moves to really break down the barriers within its engine and allow for mass research and development. Along with game developers, its hoped that academic research and industry research for industrial applications will benefit from its inclusion. The Unity engine is still free-to-use and the ML-Agents technology will be included in the package.

"Machine learning is a disruptive technology that is important to all types of developers and researchers to
 make their games or systems smarter, but complexities and technical barriers make it out of reach for most,” said vice president of AI and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies, Danny Lange.

“This is an exciting new chapter in AI’s history as we are making an end-to-end machine learning environment widely accessible, and providing the critical tools needed to make more intelligent, beautiful games and applications. Complete with Unity’s physics engine and a 3D photorealistic rendering environment, our AI toolkit also offers a game-changing AI research platform to a rapidly growing community of AI enthusiasts exploring the frontiers of Deep Learning.”

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