Epic Games discusses its plans for the store and launches a call for submissions

Unreal Diaries: Opening up the UE4 Marketplace

Built into Unreal Engine 4, the Marketplace provides access to a wide range of items that make it easier to create great experiences with Epic’s game-making tools and technology.

Launched as part of the UE4 subscription offering earlier this year, the Marketplace is where people go to download highly curated content such as free sample games and scenes built by Epic’s team, Unreal Engine partners and the community.

Everything in these gratis projects, from art and sounds to Blueprint logic and C++ code, can be re-purposed and used in any UE4 game or application.

Whether developers are looking to make a realistic racing sim, 2D platformer or high-fidelity architectural visualisation, the building blocks for a huge range of projects are available for download on the Marketplace immediately.

Because components in these free releases are fair game for use, developers can tap into them to quickly ramp up production and achieve their creative vision.

Also in the Marketplace are demos and complete games that are optimised for specific platforms, including PC, console, mobile, HTML5 and virtual reality. Epic’s mission is not only to help teams and individuals get started making amazing games, but to ship them wherever they like as well.

While free high-quality downloads will always make their way into the Marketplace, specialised premium content is now available for purchase to help developers get a leg up even further.

Finally, Epic is taking submissions from those who wish to release UE4 assets, code, plugins and training materials on the Marketplace.

To check out submission guidelines, visit unrealengine.com/marketplace.

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