Nvidia tech allows devs to render multiple views with a single geometry pass, reportedly tripling VR performance

Unreal Engine and Unity to add Simultaneous Multi-Projection support

Unreal Engine and Unity are set to implement support for Nvidia’s Simultaneous Multi-Projection rendering technology.

SMP is part of Nvidia’s VRWorks developer kit, which is designed to ease the creation of VR-friendly experiences.

SMP allows compatible GPUs – such as those based on the Pascal architecture – to render up to 16 separate perspectives (32 in VR) with a single geometry pass, rather than taking a pass for each view.

The method reportedly offers up to three times faster performance in VR by outputting a single image to both screens used in a headset.

SMP can also be used to achieve Lens-Matched Shading in VR, which eliminates the need to render pixels which aren’t ultimately displayed by the headset displays.

Nvidia said that over 30 games are set to use SMP, including Unreal Tournament, Adr1ft and Raw Data.

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