Full capabilities of standard software, including real-time lighting and shadows, UI and object transformation, demonstrated in VR

Unreal Engine editor shown working inside of virtual reality

Epic Games has demonstrated the full editor for its Unreal Engine running inside of VR.

Showing off the editor with the help of technical director Mike Fricker, Epic founder and CEO Tim Sweeney said that the technology was the complete editor devs are already well-versed in, simply running inside of a virtual world.

Using the Valve/HTC Vive headset, Fricker pops up familiar controls, such as object transformation options and the user interface – which appears as a floating ‘virtual iPad’ screen – while walking around inside of the environment.

The VR editor boasts all of the standard software’s capabilities, such as real-time lighting and shadows, as well as all existing UI options.

"You’re editing VR in VR," Sweeney enthused.

"It’s a completely ‘what you see is what you get’ experience. There’s no question about what your game looks like."

He added that more details about the VR Editor would arrive around GDC, with a release planned for later this year.

Watch the demo and Epic’s full livestream below.

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