Pixel Mine's tool brings Visual Studio look and functionality to UnrealScript coding

UnrealScript Studio now available for commercial licensing

Pixel Mine’s UnrealScript IDE is now available for licensing for commercial game development.

UnrealScript Studio, which recently won the second place in the Tools category of Epic’s Make Something Unreal competition, applies many of the features available in Microsoft’s Visual Studio to UnrealScript editing, including a comprehensive source-level debugger with breakpoints, stepping and user watches; IntelliSense code completion, Class and other views, and code snippets.

The tool builds on Pixel Mine’s experience with UE3 – it developed the PC versions of BlackSite: Area 51 and Turok – to provide advanced UnrealScript-specific features, such as mixed-mode simultaneous debugging of C and UnrealScript sources. While the company will be selling the tool for commercial development, it has also pledged to provide a free version for mod makers and educational institutions built on Microsoft’s free Visual Studio 2008 Shell.

“We built UnrealScript Studio as a language service for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008," said Sam Harwell, project lead on UnrealScript Studio. "This provides a familiar interface that effectively eliminates the time it takes to become proficient with the editor’s abilities. It includes both an advanced text editor with IntelliSense and a source-level debugger for UnrealScript 3 that are fully integrated into Visual Studio.”

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