Newly-released Maratis engine is free and open-source

Unshakable dev finishes 8-year engine project

A lone game developer has finally accomplished an 8-year project to develop an open-source game engine.

The Maratis engine was created by one person, Anaël Seghezzi, who says his creation is “a powerful and visual game development tool designed for artists and developers”.

He claims the engine has been tested to work properly on Windows, Mac and IPhone, and “can be used on virtually every platform”.

Despite the extraordinary personal endeavour, Seghezzi has kept the Maratis engine free and open-source. It uses a simple Lua scripting language, and developers can have full access to the engine in C++.

You can take a look at the engine for yourself here.

Seghezzi wants the tech to be useful to both professional developers and aspiring students.

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