Decorated marketing exec may not follow the studio as it moves 80 miles away

[UPDATE] 38 Studios move Dilemma for Kaigler

[Update: Having contacted the group for comment, Denise Kaigler was pleased to announce that 38 Studios’ move to Rhode Island would be of benefit to her.

It was previously reported that Kaigler left her job at Nintendo to find a job closer to home. What was unknown, however, was that Kaigler lives some fifty miles away from her current employer.

She clarified that a move to Rhode Island would in fact be of benefit, and reduce her commute by 50 per cent.]

An veteran marketing executive decided to walk away from a dream job with Nintendo last year to work closer with her family. Now in a bitter twist of luck, her new employer is likely to move 80 miles away.

RPG outfit 38 Studios has been offered a $75 million loan guarantee to relocate to Rhode Island, and is already being urged by neighboring studios to stay put in the Maynard area.

But with 38 Studios’ founder Curt Schilling already signaling his intention to move out of the area, the group’s decorated sales exec Denise Kaigler may not want to go with them.

Develop has contacted the group for comment.

Kaigler quit Nintendo in November 2009 after less than two years on the job because, she said, the strains of travel had interfered too much with her family life. She joined 38 Studios as the group is located, for now at least, close to her home address.

Prior to her two years with Nintendo, Kaigler served 16 years in a marketing executive role at Reebok.

38 Studios, a privately-held group, purchased developer Big Huge Games from THQ back in May 2009. That acquisition included Big Huge’s proprietary IP, tools, technology, assets and works-in-progress.

It was announced in March that Electronic Arts will be publishing 38 Studios first video game, an “epic single-player role-playing game” codenamed ‘Project Mercury’.

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