Unprecedented full access to foliage technology for amateur level builders

UT3 modders get SpeedTree for free

Unreal Tournament 3 will be the latest game to feature IDV’s SpeedTree foliage middleware – and the first to give exclusive access to the technology to the modding community.

IDV was one of the first members of Epic’s Integrated Partners Programme, in which Epic and technology partners work to provide seamless integration and support for external technologies in Unreal Engine 3.

“For the first time in any game featuring SpeedTree, Unreal Tournament 3 is going to let players use the professional tree-editing features of the SpeedTree system to create and edit foliage in the worlds they develop,” said Epic vice president Mark Rein. “Content creators will enjoy an unprecedented degree of freedom and as they build fantastic new worlds.”

IDV CEO Chris King added: “SpeedTree is the undisputed leader in virtual foliage, and its superb presentation in Unreal Tournament 3 will set a new standard in the way games should look and feel. Unreal Tournament 3 is going to be an incredible experience, and we are unbelievably proud to get to be part of it.”

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