Studio seeks improvements to the title by pushing it back to 2011

Valve delays Portal and cools Half-Life rumours

Independent studio Valve has delayed the release of Portal to until 2011.

The studio suggested it wants to see through a range of improvements on the title before it is published – a move in line with Valve’s longstanding ethos of releasing games when the studio is satisfied with its quality.

Half-Life 2 suffered a string of delays before it s release in 2004, while the first Portal – as Valve reminds – also was hit by delay.

The Washington-based developer also looked to cool rampant rumours surrounding its E3 appearance. Various news reports have routinely speculated on what Valve would unveil at E3 after the company announced it was showing up with a ‘surprise’.

Suggestions of what that surprise is has ranged from Half-Life 3, to Half-Life 2 Episode 3, to a new Source engine.

Today Valve emailed the press to explain its E3 surprise is, in fact, Portal 2-themed.

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