Left 4 Dead developer no longer exists â?? but kind of does at the same time

Valve explains Turtle Rock shutdown

Valve marketing man Doug Lombardi has clarified to Gamasutra the fate of Turtle Rock Studios – to an extent.

Bought by Valve last year, Turtle Rock was founded by former Counter-Strike bot developer Michael Booth in Irvine, California. It developed Left 4 Dead along with Valve, and was renamed Valve South.

"It’s not like we shut it down," said Lombardi. "We bought the studio and we’re still working with, I think, every single person from the studio."

After the completion of Left 4 Dead, some of the Valve South team – which apparently had only ever amounted to "nine or 11 people in total" – moved up to Valve’s main office in Bellvue, Washington, to work on Left 4 Dead 2. This left so few people at the office, lombardi said, that "the idea of having an office and a receptionist… goes out of the window.

"That group of people looks like the original Turtle Rock again," he said, "and I think they may even prefer to call themselves that."

So: Valve South no longer exists; some of Turtle Rock is at Valve while the other lot are still working with Valve but might possibly be called Turtle Rock again. Glad we got that cleared up.

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