SIGGRAPH 07: Mocap hardware specialist unveils software solution

Vicon sharpens with Blade

Vicon has debuted its new motion capture processing software, called Blade, at SIGGRAPH today.

The app has been designed to work with Vicon’s mocap systems offering a single unified toolset designed to let games developers and others using motion capture rigs have tighter control over the data they collect.

Key features include: a scalable structure so companies big and small can utilise it; ast skeletal solving and re-targeting; on-set playback and visualisation tools; plus integration with other tools such as the software offered by Autodesk and Softimage.

“With the proprietary camera sensors and new technology in the Vicon MX-F family of motion capture systems, our clients are expanding the scope and range of captured performances,” said Tom Tolles, entertainment product marketing, Vicon.

“Blade is the only product that puts all the tools into one package in order to streamline everything that happens to motion capture data-acquisition, solving, cleanup, and more-when it comes off of the cameras through to integrating it into a 3D software package.”

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