Company teases a new line of APUs based on those found in the Xbox One and PS4

Video: AMD sends next-gen APUs to PC

AMD has teased a new line of PC processors similar to those found in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The ‘Jaguar’ architecture APU found in both next-gen consoles is the first to combine both a GPU and PCU into a single unit without significant bottlenecks.

The video, found on the AMD website, borrows heavily from Tron, and shows four “cores” battling an army of applications with increased speed “frequency blades”.

At the end of the trailer “hundreds of radio cores” arrive as reinforcements.

The new A10-6800K clocks in at 4.4GHz, and is reportedly capable of running Sim City at 93 frames per second at 1080p at max settings – this without the need for a discrete GPU.

While details about the new line of hardware are limited, IGN reports that AMD will provide more information next week.

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