VIDEO: Another look at how GTA V on PS4 compares to PS3

With its PS4 and Xbox One release now less than two weeks away, Rockstar has released another Grand Theft Auto V comparison video.

As we now know, the game improves upon its original release not only in its implementation of an optional first person perspective and added graphical fidelity but also in a number of additional ways.

For instance, on PS4 police comms will be heard coming from your controller’s speaker and the light bar will flash blue and red when you’re being chased. Touching the DualShock 4’s touchpad will switch between third and first person perspectives.

First person mode is also available in GTA Online, and players have a few extra options to play with, such as automatically switching back to third person when snapping into cover.

Vehicles will have fully modelled interiors (with working dials) while the outside world boasts more vegetation, animals and lots of new NPC dialogue.

Furthermore, the game will run in 1080p/30fps in both PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC SKU (arriving in January) will offer 4K support.

Here’s the video:

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