Tommy Tallarico wants a family of four to be able to afford tickets to his video games extravaganza

Video Games Live co-creator: I want tickets to be affordable for all

Everyone should be able to afford to see video game music performed in concert, says the co-creator of Video Games Live.

Game composer Tommy Tallarico told Develop that he wants his video game concert shows to be affordable enough for a family of four, giving more people the opportunity to “celebrate video game music”.

“I want everyone to be able to afford to come to this show,” Tallarico said. “Our show is for everyone. It’s not just for hardcore gamers.”

The last time Tallarico and his crew were in the UK to perform Video Games Live was in 2009.

Tallarico explained that the reason it’s taken the production, which has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful of its kind, longer to return to Europe and the UK has been making it cost effective for the production team and concert goers alike.

“I don’t do this for the money,” said the composer, whose own work includes music for Earthworm Jim and Prince of Persia.

“If we were to come back and do a one-off show in London, think of the cost.

“I have a crew of eight, so just the airfare alone is $12,000 (£7,133). The only way we could do that – and it wouldn’t even be us, but the local promoters – is by charging ridiculous prices. £75 to £100 is where the tickets would start, because it’s just a one-off show. And I refuse to do it.”

He said only way to keep tickets reasonably priced is to do a large chartered tour Europe, just as regular bands do. Only, for Video Games Live, that process has taken almost two years.

Tallarico added that keeping the ticket prices low is “my biggest thing”.

“When I see these other video game shows that don’t have lights and don’t have all the bells and whistles, but they’re £100-plus for tickets, it breaks my heart.”

You can read more from Tallarico on why video game music matters and in our in-depth interview on the return of Video Games Live.

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