Trials on Tatooine is the first official lightsaber simulator in virtual reality. We wonder if it will be popular…

VIDEO: ILMxLab unveils Star Wars VR experiment for HTC Vive

Star Wars SFX whizz Industrial Light and Magic has cooked up something special for Valve’s virtual reality headset.

Lucasfilm’s research and development arm at ILMxLab has shown off Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, a short tech demo set on the planet critical to the lore of the beloved sci-fi franchise.

The roughly 10-minute experience is much like Luke Skywalker’s early training shown during 1977 film Episode IV: A New Hope – players stick on a helmet, in this case Valve’s HTC Vive, and attempt to deflect and return blaster fire.

Anyway, we all know why you’re here. Take a look at the trailer below.

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