Gamescom: LittleBigPlanet studio developing touch-based 'buddy game' Tearaway

VIDEO: Media Molecule at work on new IP

LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule is at work on a new IP titled Tearaway.

The news emerged at Sony’s pre-Gamescom press event, taking place at the time of writing.

Taking to the stage to reveal the game, Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans said:"We were scratching our heads wondering ‘where do we take creative going next?’."

He later added "Tearaway is an adventure game, but we like to think of it as a buddy game."

Inspired by the Media Molecule office’s own fascination with paper craft and paper game prototyping, the game presents a world made of virtual paper from which the protagonist Iota must escape, ultimately into the ‘real world’ of the player’s reality.

The tactile nature of paper and the touch panel and screen functionality of the Vita made the platform and Tearaway a perfect pairing according to Evans, who also descibed the game as ‘A message from the Vita to the real world’.

The most impressive feature demonstrated shows the player’s fingers pressed onto the Vita’s rear touch panel apparently bursting into and influencing the game-world.

Update: Moments ago Media Molecule released the Tearaway trailer viewable below:

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