Firefox browser now allows developers to create high-end games with WebGL and HTML5

VIDEO: Mozilla teams with Unreal and Unity for browser games with no plug-ins

Mozilla has announced the culmination of a collaboration with Unity Technologies and Unreal Engine that allows developers to create browser-based games that don’t require plug-ins.

Unity 5, finally released earlier this week, includes a preview of its new WebGL export function, while Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.7, which went live last week, introduced a beta version of its HTML5 exporter.

"This means plugin-free Web deployment is now in the hands of game developers working with these popular tools," Mozilla announced via its blog. "They select the Web as their target platform and, with one click, they can build to it."

Both Unity and Unreal have released videos showcasing the kind of high-end games that can be created for browsers, both of which you can view below. Mozilla is showcasing more examples at GDC this week – just head to booth No.2110.

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