Anonymous YouTube member thought to have filmed recent Project Cafe presentation

VIDEO: Nintendo allegedly presenting Wii 2 to devs

News site VG247 has unearthed a video appearing to show Nintendo demonstrate the successor to the Wii.

That video can be found below.

The Wii 2, allegedly codenamed Project Cafe, is scheduled for an oficial reveal at E3.

The authenticity of the detailed video is a matter of debate.

Nintendo recently demonstrated the console – in some form – during a studio tour, which it is believed the video has been taken from, if authentic.

Yet the presentation uses images already widely available on various games news sites, some of which were thought to be controller and hardware concepts.

In the video, an unnamed presenter is standing in front the alleged Wii 2 device. The hardware has been circled by the anonymous cameraman.

Studios who have spoken to Develop say they have not been shown images of the controller, a claim which this demonstration appears to conflict with.

Studios are building Wii 2 games without knowing the controller layout, Develop understands.

Nintendo has told VG247 that the video is “purely rumour and speculation”.

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