Realtime physics, lighting and graphical quality demonstrated

VIDEO: Nvidia flaunts quad-core mobile chip

Nvidia has released a video of the tech it hopes will usher in a new generation of mobile games.

Project ‘Kal-El’ is the firm’s next-gen Tegra chip, that the firm claims is the world’s first mobile quad-core processor.

The graphics chip giant said the priorities with the new tech were to combine a quad-core processor with a 12-core Nvidia GPU that remains battery-friendly.

The video, posted below, demonstrates the potential of the chip. It shows a ball – itself a realtime light source – bouncing around an enclosed 3D space.

“This marks the first time this type of lighting is feasible on a mobile device,” Nvidia said.

The ball’s movements are calculated using physics and are simulated across Project Kal-El’s four CPU cores, Nvidia said.

The company claims the demo was filmed on an accelerometer powered device.

No release details for the tech are available.

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