But you can watch it in ten minutes, thanks to this handy time-lapsed video

VIDEO: See what you can do with Unreal Engine in four hours

Epic Games has been keen to show how accessible but comprehensive the editor for the new Unreal Engine 4 can be, and users like ‘evilmrfrank’ demonstrate this rather well.

Via his Youtube channel, the UE4 subscriber shows off how he created a quick desert scene using Epic Games’ latest tech in just four hours.

Back in March, Epic Games launched Unreal Engine 4, along with a new pricing plan that lets users access everything the Gears of War dev uses to make its own games – including the UE4 source code – for just $19 per month.

The video is time-lapsed, cutting the action down to just 10 minutes, and shows how ‘evilmrfrank’ sculpts the landscape and alters the lighting using tools and assets already built into the editor.

Take a look for yourself:

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