Perplexing camera system links virtual and real world objects

VIDEO: Sony steals the show at GDC with PS Vita’s astounding augmented reality tech

Boffins at Sony’s London R&D division wowed attendees at GDC this week with a new breakthrough in augmented reality technology.

Known as Magnet, the AR software uses PS Vita’s camera to scan a real-world area and interpret what it sees in 3D. As the camera moves through an environment, it tracks multiple ‘interest points’ to build a picture of where certain objects are stationed.

The result is an Augmented Reality overlay that can position virtual objects in real world locations and, much like magnets, stick to that position.

"PS Vita is the only affordable portable device out there at the moment that has the power to do this,” said Diarmid Campbell, a programmer at the EyeToy R&D group.

Four videos demonstrating the tech, with comments by Campbell can be found below.

The final video is of a live demonstration at GDC that left many attendees in the room impressed and perplexed by the new tech.

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