'Zynga's first big game was Hold'em Poker, which I heard they stole from the Old West'

VIDEO: Stand-up comedy on Zynga cloning

The controversial practice of cloning in the mobile and social games space was the subject of a developer’s recent open mic sketch.

Jason Baily, the CEO of East Side Games, took stage at the Full Indie Meet-up in late January to promote his company, but his talk mainly comprised of jokes about Zynga and the companies they allegedly have stolen ideas from.

“Zynga’s first big game was Hold‘em Poker, which I heard they stole from the Old West,” he said.

“Zynga continues along this path of finding a great game and ripping it off pixel-for-pixel, but there’s an important thing to note, and that’s Zynga always gives the game a plus one. They do add their little bit.”

His sketch, which has been rated with a majority of dislikes on YouTube, went on to – perhaps tongue-in-cheek – defend game cloining.

“I really hope you all go home so you can work on your game and come up with great innovative gameplay techniques and I will absolutely rip them off next week,” he added.

The video can be viewed below.

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