Epic takes us on a tour of UE4’s realistic water effects, lit translucency and GPU particle simulation

Video: UE4 fronts advanced collision detection for realistic water

Generating the eye-catching in-game effects that will get gamers talking after seeing just a snippet of gameplay is no easy task.

As makers of the Unreal Engine, Epic Games knows this perhaps more than most. Which is why it has been showcasing the capabilities of its new engine and how its will simplify development in an ongoing video series.

The latest Inside Unreal video gives us another look at UE4’s visual effects prowess, as seen in its Infiltrator tech demo. Specifically, implementing advanced touches such as realistic water effects, lit translucency and GPU particle simulation.

In the tutorial, Epics’ Tim Elek and Zak Parrish talk us through how one could uses UE4’s toolset to precisely tune how sparks will behave when they cascade on to a metal mesh. He also breaks down the creation of a water particles for different purposes.

As well demonstrating the high visual bar that UE4-titles will be capable of, the video also gives a sense of the speed at which developers can edit and refine their creations.

In the first part of its visual effects tutorial, Epic showed off UE4’s lighting and photorealism capabilities.

See part two below:

You can read more about Unreal Engine 4 and its feature set in Develop’s Unreal Diaries articles, or check out Epic’s Inside Unreal page for video shorts.

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