Rockstar's Rage tech thought to have been exploited

VIDEO: Vice City modders add next-gen to the ’80s

Two teams of dedicated modders are in a race to rebuild a modern edition of Rockstar’s 2002 crime opus GTA Vice City.

Video demonstrations of their progress can be found below.

The two groups – only known in public by their team names – are said to be using open-source modding tools that take advantage of the Grand Theft Auto IV engine, known as Rage.

Rage, which was principally built at Rockstar San Diego, is the bedrock tech for a number of Rockstar projects, from Red Dead Redemption to the third Max Payne title.

With that tech exploited, the groups are meticulously rebuilding the Vice City game world, from its suburbs to its skyscrapers.

The two teams, according to games site Kotaku, have named themselves ‘Vice City Rage’ and ‘Vice IV’. They appear to be based in Russia. It is said they are using OpenIV, an unofficial open-source GTA IV modding tool set.

(In the video below, Vice City footage begins after 8 mins)

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