Graphics showpiece for Nintendo's new system has interactive elements

VIDEO: Wii U garden demo was likely in real-time

An extended and briefly interactive version of the Wii U ‘garden tech demo’ suggests the environment was running in real-time.

Nintendo has been guarded in describing the technical specifications of its next home console, with the company’s US boss insisting that showing “experiences” is preferred to issuing details.

Yet on the E3 show floor this week, one attendee filmed an extended and – in parts – interactive version of the demo.

The trailer, shown below, was unearthed by games site VG247. It appears Nintendo did not want the demo to be filmed.

If true that it is displaying the trailer solely from the console in realtime, the demo offers illuminating insight into the graphical potential of the new Nintendo system.

The video suggests the Wii U has sophisticated shader tech and impressive water reflection and bloom effects – all framed by an ambitious lighting engine.

At points, the player is invited to navigate the game’s camera, though that may speak for everything the demo suggests.

Console manufacturers tend to unveil new consoles with graphical showcase videos that are often beyond the limits of the console’s tech.

Nintendo unveiled its ambitious new games console at the firm’s E3 2011 press conference.

At the centre of the new console is a built-in 6.2” touch-screen.

The controller can play content from the console without the TV switched on, or indeed with both screens being inventively used at the same time.

Data is wirelessly transmitted between TV and controller “without latency issues”, Nintendo said.

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