New Year New Job 2015: Zerolight's Erin Turnbull discusses what skills devs can bring to other industries, and why those sectors might appeal to game makers looking for something new

Visualisation: A game developer’s next career move?

Games technology has become so powerful and useful that it has been adopted for commercial projects around the world; and now is the perfect time for the talent of the games industry to make the same move. ZeroLight takes a look at why the knowledge, outlook and capacity for rapid progress that marks out games industry stars means they should consider commercial visualisation companies for their next career move.

Success and Satisfaction: Why developers would benefit from a career in visualisation

You’ll be solving high level problems every day

To an extent everyone within a company like ZeroLight is working in an R&D capacity. To work in real-time commercial visualisation you need to get comfortable with the question ‘what if?’, as you’ll be asked – and will be asking it – on a daily basis.

Every day we are trying to do something that has never been achieved before and we have the time and resources to fully explore our options and can utilise the best technology to reach an outcome. Games technology stars tend to thrive on the opportunity to work in this kind of environment and excel in the “art of the possible” scenarios that we regularly face.

Get close to clients

One of the biggest differences in commercial real-time visualisation applications compared to the games industry is the level of feedback from clients.

Project teams talk to clients on a daily basis. This means they are not only able to establish their needs to provide the best possible product for them, but also to anticipate their future requirements. Feedback is filtered through to the wider team so we’re able to act on this as quickly as possible. Client feedback keeps motivation and focus high and provides regular reinforcement about the direction and quality of projects.

Building Value

The scale and scope of visualisation projects is huge, and so are the clients. Global brands are investing in worldwide visualisation solutions for consumers, executives and designers because of the opportunities that real-time visualisation technology can bring. As part of the technology team, you’ll be responsible for enabling these visions and helping them to build business and industry changing value in their company.

Why do games technology professionals make ideal team members for a commercial real-time visualisation company like ZeroLight?

The knowledge to shake up entire industries

Huge sectors such as automotive, design, retail and aviation have woken up to the power of real-time visualisation and games technologies to revolutionise their industry. But it can’t happen by itself, and the value of the knowledge and techniques that games industry professionals possess has also been realised.

Technology agencies like ZeroLight are helping these and other industries achieve their visions and need technology problem solvers to help continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible and to meet our clients’ ambitions. The games industry is a hot-bed of technological and problem-solving talent that has the capability not just to work in other industries, but to actually create real change in them.

Bring the drive you developed in the games industry

If you’ve worked in games technology before, you’ll know the drive and motivation required to get to the top of your field. Competition for jobs is intense and when you’re there you need to really push the boundaries of what you are capable of.

Experience in this rapidly-changing industry will give you an edge and make you a valuable asset to the real-time commercial visualisation sector. We know if you’ve succeeded in games that you’ve worked hard to hone your skills and develop your craft, that you have worked under pressure, meeting tight deadlines that require high levels of organisation and focus. We’ll also know that you’ve worked successfully in a creative team and you understand the demands of this.

Commercial and user awareness is essential

When you’re working with the very latest in cutting edge technology you need to know it inside out. You need to know what the next iteration will look like, you need to understand where this tech is heading and always be thinking ahead to how you’ll integrate future versions into our own products.

Innovative projects usually require the use of pre-release or even prototype technology which requires a special kind of talent and interest. Games industry stars tend to be personally interested in technology, visualisation and creating ground-breaking interactive experiences. They’re users and champions of new technology and we find that it is often this that drove them to start a career in the games industry, and it’s the same reason why they are excellent candidates for ZeroLight and real-time commercial visualisation.

It’s crucial to be focussed on the end-user experience of commercial visualisation applications and because games industry stars have worked in an environment where user experience and enjoyment is everything, their outlook and focus is a huge asset in other creative and visualisation industries.

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ZeroLight create real-time visualisation applications for a range of industries including automotive, aviation, design and retail. This includes the award winning virtual car showroom solution which enables customers to visualise, customise and interact with any specification of car at the highest levels of graphical fidelity through a variety of platforms including UltraHD 4K screens, touchscreens and virtual reality headsets.

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