Creating new media format 'completely necessary', says Sony's Scott Rohde

Vita anti-piracy tech offers ‘long term’ protection

The PS Vita was built to provide long-term protection from piracy, claims Sony exec.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Rohde said that Vita was specifically designed to prevent pirating of its games through its unique cartridge format.

"That was front and centre in the early specs of this machine," he said.

"We needed to have something that would combat piracy from day one, and that’s why the cards that you can purchase for the games are in their own proprietary format."

He added that creating the new media format was completely necessary to make sure the system’s titles were not pirated to the extent of the PSP, which, despite its popularity in Japan, suffered from problems with piracy.

"It’s something that we felt was completely necessary to make sure that people could not pirate these games,” said Rohde.

“I mean, it’s a custom security solution on each one of these cartridges. That is something that we are confident will protect us from piracy for the long term."

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