David Perry goes into detail on Gaikai's implementation on Sony's next-gen console

Vita to play PS4 games through the cloud

Cloud gaming outfit Gaikai will play a central role in the functionality of the PS4, Sony has revealed.

Speaking at a press event in New York, Gaikai CEO David Perry disclosed a plethora of details on how its impressive streaming tech would be utilised into the next-gen console.

Similar to the Wii U, users will be able to stream their PS4 games onto the PS Vita should the TV be in use by another member of the family.

In essence he said, through Gaikai’s cloud tech, the PS4 will act as a server and the Vita can act as a client.

"Our long-term goal is to make every PS4 game playable on the PS Vita," said Perry.

Perry said the the gamer would be the centre of the new PlayStation network and that Sony was intent on creating "the fastest and most powerful network for gaming in the world".

Perry also revealed that users can try out any game on the digital PlayStation store instantly through the cloud gaming tech.

On top of this, players can use the new Share button on the PS4 controller to upload videos of gameplay, which will then continue uploading in the background while players continue with their game.

Perry went on to say that with spectating becoming ever more popular in the game industry, users would also be able to broadcast their games live to their friends.

"We’re helping fuel the imagination of our developrs by giving them new communicating tools," he said.

"Imagine they can give users director status. Friends can drop in special items when you’re in critical condition for example."

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