Voice actors guild will man the pickets from Monday

Voice acting guild SAG-AFTRA votes to strike

After final negotiations have stalled, voice actors’ guild SAG-AFTRA has confirmed its strike, with a picket line forming outside of EA’s offices on Monday.

Earlier this week we reported that SAG-AFTRA were considering a strike on the October 21 against several video game companies. This strike is now going ahead but after last minute negotiations broke down, with members joining the picket line on October 24.

The companies that SAG-AFTRA are now on strike against includes Activision, Electronic Arts, Disney and WB games.

"During a strike," SAG-AFTRA have said in a statement on their website, "it is critical that all members demonstrate solidarity so that we can present a united front to management. If you work for one of the affected productions, it’s your responsibility to honor the strike, but even if you’re not, your support is needed"

Several people have questioned whether the union has enough influence for a strike to be effective, with the legal firm representing the video game companies claiming that less that SAG-AFTRA members work on less than 25% of games released.

The final offer before negotiations broke down would have seen an immediate 9% wage increase, bringing the "typical 4-hour voiceover session and on-camera day rate to $900" in addition to other bonuses and stipends for games worked on.

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