Open-source API boasts improved threading method over OpenGL

Vulkan SDK released with PowerVR Framework

Khronos has released v1.0 of the Vulkan graphics and compute API, including the firm’s PowerVR framework.

Vulkan bills itself as utilising a unique way of prepare GPU commands using multiple CPU cores with threading as opposed to OpenGL, allowing it to reduce driver load.

The open-source API is able to be expanded using additional tool layers for code validation, debugging and profiling, and supports multiple platforms such as PC and mobile.

Vulkan’s SDK also includes the PowerVR Framework, a wrapper library that allows devs to target OpenGL ES or Vulkan on Android or Linux.

The Framework is divided into multiple modules compiled as static libraries, which include integrated support for deployment formats such as PVR textures, POD models and PFX effects. A module for optimised UI/2D rendering and device camera interface are included, too.

PowerVR has been released under the MIT open source licence.

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