Former president and CEO may have resigned, but he's still at the head of the company board

Wada remains with Square Enix as chairman

The Square Enix board has a new chairman in long-time company man Yoichi Wada.

Wada resigned from his post as president and CEO of the publisher in March after warning of “extraordinary losses” this fiscal year.

The move gave Yousuke Matsuda the vacant position, and proceeded as expected this month.

The news that Wada remains on the board as incumbent chairman was more of a surprise, and was spotted by Games Industry International today as a note on the Square Enix investor relations page.

Wada became president of Square Enix after the 2003 merger of Square and Enix.

He had previously served as CEO of Square, and was board chairman of the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association until a few days before announcing his resignation at Square Enix.

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