World of Tanks developer gives back to projects it depends on

Wargaming supports open source

Wargaming will give financial support to three open source development foundations it credits as key to its success.

Open source projects like Linux, Django and Wikimedia have helped the World of Tanks developer climb from the relatively unknown company behind De Bellis Antiquatis Online to the multi-national giant it is today, and so the company has decided to return the favor.

These funds won’t just support existing development, but help sure these technologies continue to grow and evolve, says the announcement.

“Wargaming relies heavily on a number of different open-source technologies to help us create our legendary MMO universe, whether it’s using Linux to power our servers, Django to build our web project frameworks or Wikimedia to help us in our research efforts,” said Wargaming’s Solution Architect Maksim Melnikau.

“As a company, we’d like to say thank you to all the developers, testers and users who’ve helped create these awesome tools and that we’re extremely honored to hopefully help them continue their great work moving into the future.”

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