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Wargaming UK rebrands as DPS Games

Wargaming’s brave new venture to create games targeted to the western market has undergone a name change. As of today the Guildford-based Wargaming UK will be known as DPS Games. 

The name, presumably standing for ‘Damage per Second’ a common term in many genres now, but which came out of the MMO and RPG segments, certainly has more of a ring about it than its previous location-based moniker.

The studio was created by studio head Sean Decker, a DICE and CCP veteran, using the acquisition of Edge Case Games to build upon. The team has grown to 94 in the UK, with more office space having been taken on to support that, plus it’s expanded into Australia with 70 team members. 

Decker said: “At DPS Games, we still remain a proud member of the Wargaming family – intrinsically linked through infrastructure, ecosystems and community. That said, our games will be very different – and our players will be, too. Together, we’ve faced many challenges, but we’ve had a huge amount of fun along the way. It is this journey of passion and play that has forged DPS Games, and here, play is everything.”

Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming added: “After watching the incredible growth of the studio in Guildford over the past two years, we at Wargaming are excited to see DPS Games take shape and expand the influence of Wargaming in new parts of the world. This is an experienced team of industry veterans and rising stars who are growing by the day, and we are eager to watch them bring something new and distinctive to the free-to-play market.”

The new name looks to be a positive move to us. The studio was always keen to strike out in its own direction, to create something distinct from the titles that Wargaming built it success upon, and the name makes this differentiation clear. 

You can read our full interview about the studios ambitions and philosophy with Decker and Keith Anderson, publishing director, here.

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