Taylor to pursue indie development

Wargaming’s Chris Taylor leaves company

Chris Taylor,designer of classic titles like Supreme Commander, Dungeon Siege and the original Total Annihilation, has left World of Tanks publisher Wargaming to take a swing at indie development.

Taylor has been making games since the 1980’s, with a career creating countless franchises. He joined Wargaming in 2013, selling his studio Gas Powered Games to Wargaming.net after cancelling his Kickstarter project for new project Wildman.

VentureBeat revealed the news in an exclusive chat with VentureBeat: “Between Gas Powered Games and Wargaming, it was an eighteen year stretch and I wore myself out and didn’t realize it," Said Taylor “I’ve decided i need to take a few months off, regroup, and recharge before I dive into my next thing.”

Until now, Taylor had been heading up a studio in Seattle for Wargaming, although there’s no information on what he’s actually been worked on yet. Taylor is best known for his work in the real-time strategy genre, so many assumed he was putting together an RTS for Wargaming, perhaps based in its "World of" universe, but it’s all baseless speculation.

Taylor hasn’t specified what’s next, and has said that he’ll be making games, just not for a AAA company.

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