Studio claims it has not repeated an old publicity trick

We didn’t leak Trials Evolution, Redlynx declares

Redlynx had no involvement in leaking its next game Trials Evolution, the studio has told Develop.

Earlier today it emerged that pirated copies of Trials Evolution were circulating on certain torrent file sites.

It is unclear who has leaked Trials Evolution but Redlynx managing director Tero Virtala previously admitted to uploading a game to The Pirate Bay for purposes of publicity.

“We want to be clear that [leaking Trials Evolution] is not something we did ourselves,” Virtala (pictured) told Develop.

He said that, despite having previously uploaded Trials 2 SE to The Pirate Bay, “that was a different project for a different market and in a different time”.

Virtala also appeared to claim that those who illicitly download the game will only be playing half the experience.

“Trials Evolution is a game that makes full use of being continuously connected. Leader boards, friend challenges, online multiplayer and global track sharing are all integral parts of the game that cannot be experienced before launch,” he said.

“We’re continuing to polish and finish up the game, and we’ll have a new trailer coming soon which will give people a much better look into everything the game will hold and when they can expect to see it.”

Ubisoft recently acquired Redlynx for an undisclosed fee.

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