With 2015 behind us, we look to the future and ask developers what they hope to accomplish in the year ahead

What are developers’ New Year’s Resolutions?

Siobhan Reddy, Studio Director, Media Molecule
“Get Dreams out to the community, so that we can start seeing what people do with our new chapter of creative gaming.”

Shahid Ahmad, independent developer
“To develop and release a video game that people will enjoy and remember.”

Philip Oliver, CEO, Radiant Worlds
“Always remembering the power of a passionate community exceeds any development teams capacity, and to embrace and harness that passion.”

Andrew Oliver, CTO, Radiant Worlds
“Remember to embrace and entertain the entire possible audience that wants to play our game – wherever they are and whatever skill level they’re at.”

Mariina Hallikainen, CEO, Colossal Order
“To lead Colossal Order’s team to the finals in the World Championships of Academic Kyykkä in February, to focus on bringing the attention to the Chirper it deserves during the year – and to buy myself a new horse.”

Simon Bennett, Director, Roll7
“To not pummel ourselves silly at the dark depths of a concurrent two-game development nightmare again.”

Hannes Seifert, Studio Head, IO Interactive
“To bring Hitman closer to our fans than ever before, and to continue to release content, refine the experience and engage with the players throughout next year.”

Alex Ward, Director & Co-founder, Three Fields Entertainment
“Smash the future – oh, and finish and release our first game here at Three Fields.”

Andy Tudor, Creative Director, Slightly Mad Studios
“2016 is all about knuckling down to fulfil our promises from 2015, continuing to grow the Project CARS franchise, expanding further within eSports, and continuing to push new technologies like VR and 8K. All whilst expanding my house, having another baby, and passing my karate black belt. Gonna be another busy year.”

Mitu Khadaker-Kokoris, Commanding Officer, The Tiniest Shark
“It’s all too easy to make long lists of New Year’s Resolutions which become very difficult to keep, so this year, I have just one: ship it.”

Simon Hade, COO & Co-founder, Space Ape
“Having just moved into new offices, we’ve resolved to fill them up. Our aim is 50 new hires over the next 12 months. Plus, we’re launching a new strategy game in partnership with a major brand, and two new games in brand new genres.”

David Bailey, Business Developer, Fortune Fish
“Blame myself less and my teammates more for League of Legends losses. And actually play every game on my Steam account.”

Jeff Hardy, CEO, F84 Games
“To always trust my gut… and the data. Work to find a happy place between what I want to do and what the numbers say I should.”

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