Develop's sister publication MCV dispels the myths behind the BioShock studio's demise.

Who really killed Irrational Games? The surprising truth

News that Irrational Games was to close, with all but 15 employees losing their jobs, was a shock.

As with any shock announcement, the ‘all-knowing internet’ takes it upon itself to solve the mystery. Which is to say, attribute blame.

Much fell at the feet of BioShock creator Ken Levine or Irrational’s parent Take-Two Interactive. Rumours even spread that the critically acclaimed and multi-million selling BioShock Infinite was actually deemed a failure and the studio’s closure was the punishment.

Develop’s sister publication MCV has taken a more reasoned approach, crunching through the numbers, re-reading old reports and even speaking to a source close to the studio to find out what really happened.

The truth is surprisingly less dramatic than the internet would have you believe. Think Ken Levine is the selfish, evil villain of this story? Think Take-Two was disappointed with the performance of BioShock Infinite? Think again.

Click here to read MCV’s report, in which the myths surrounding the sad news of Irrational’s demise are comprensively dispelled.

Former Irrational staff are currently seeking new employment – many through the Twitter hashtag #IrrationalJobs – while other studios such as Fire Hose Games are offering their support.

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